Is my Grant or Fellowship taxable? For example, given the importance of grave excavation to Indigenous communities, forensic anthropologists especially could move beyond identifying culturally specific mortuary practices and use their anthropological skills to determine if the interests of the oppressed are being served, if cultural needs are being met in the reconciliation process, and if further rights-related grievances are being propagated. Application materials should be divided into five 5 sets. Return to program overview page. I have started my research, but still need funding for a final phase. General information about yourself, your supervisor, and the project An abstract of your proposed research.

Name of Applicant Please give full legal name: Focusing on elite domestic practices rather than on overt displays of power or on ritual performances that political and religious ideals, this research offers a more complete view of elite daily life, that is inclusive of the women and children. Please refer to the application procedures for details and guidelines about the information requested in the application. Click on or type https: These samples will submitted for specialized analysis to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Soil Testing Laboratories. That is, what will the focus of your investigation be? The project will examine the production and expression of elite identity through domestic practices at the central Mexican site of Xaltocan and will provide valuable data on elite life during the politically tumultuous Postclassic.

How did elites at Xaltocan juggle their identity as regional elites and local leaders? There are two possible outcomes that would support this hypothesis.

Access the Online Application. General information about the applicant, supervisor and project Project Description Questions Resubmission Statement Budget Guidelines Bibliography Curriculum Vitae for dorm applicant and supervisor.

Please refer to the application procedures for details and guidelines about the information requested in the application. Michael Smith has fieldwor, argued that household possessions, when studied with proper methodological rigor, maybe employed by archaeologists to determine household wealth see also, Brumfiel and Overholtzer appliation Hodge and Neff ; Overholtzer Barba and I will conduct a collaborative geophysical remote sensing project that will detect and map buried architecture in the proposed study area.


This in turn helps further theoretical understandings, which can themselves better inform culturally- sensitive and politically effective approaches to TJ implementation among participants and facilitators. Botanical remains, faunal remains and shell will be analyzed in labs at UNAM. For example, the legal parameters of TJ initiatives exclude Indian Day School survivors who suffered the same abuses as residential students from participating.

Applications must be received in complete and final fueldwork, with all questions answered.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork application form

My hypotheses are as follows: Use this page to list additional items to your project budget, if necessary. That is, what will the focus disertation your investigation be?

Two local residents, Joel Sancez and Juana Arenas, will assist in the washing and organizing of artifacts for the first two months of the analysis phase. Finally, demographic data and the thematic nominal variables will be entered into SPSS to generate contingency tables that may further elucidate patterns between demography education level, culture group, etc. If the project is terminated before completion, the Foundation reserves the right to request that all grant funds are returned to the Foundation.

Moreover, utilizing the theoretical framework of a household project will create datasets that are comparable to those gleaned from commoner household contexts at Xaltocan Brumfiel a, ; DeLucia, ; Espejel ; Overholtzer ; enabling useful insights into how class impacted domestic life.

If the application is successful, the Foundation will request confirmation that this requirement has been met. I am not asking about residential school experiences, a discussion which could prove traumatic; regardless, as part of the informed consent, I remind fidldwork that they may stop the interview at any time.

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However the ethnohistoric record suggests that this is unlikely because elites, wielded considerable power and had better access to resources Carraso Pizana ; Hodge and Smith even if they shared domestic practices and local identity with commoners.


These data can then be compared with site-wide evidence of domestic practices from the extensive survey and test-pitting programs carried out by Brumfiel, and from the dissertation projects of her students. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My pilot research indicated that many of these schools also harbor unmarked graves of children who died there.

Costs exceed Wenner-Gren total allowance. I have built strong relationships with each of these entities during my pilot work.

wenner gren dissertation fieldwork application form

What date do you expect to have all required required for appllcation project. For further information on the regulations, please consult the U. Because transitional justice frameworks employed in non-transitional contexts have received little scholarly attention, a more robust understanding of justice and reconciliation can be achieved through an examination of TJ impacts in such circumstances. Project Description Question 2: Such comparisons have the potential to challenge the assumed elite-commoner binary by considering what commoners and elites may have actually had in common.

A successful application will emphasize the contribution its proposed research will make, not only to the specific area of research being addressed, app,ication also to the broader field of anthropology. Breadcrumb Programs Dissertation Fieldwork Grants.

I have started my research, but still need funding for a final phase. Access the Online Application. Microartifact analyses have been successfully used worldwide for several decades Metcalfe and Health ; Middleton ; Miller-Rosen ; Rainville ; Sherwood et al.