The business impact at the Tipping Point is defined as follows: This site uses cookies for essential functionality, performance and analytics, and marketing including behaviour advertising. Shareholders, as the owners of SSE, have effectively taken on this debt and pay interest to debt investors; and in return for this SSE pays them dividends. Capex spend remains favourable because it increases corporate asset value. For secondary network investment, DSR is one of the smart solution sets within Transform and hence is included appropriately in our submission.

SSE has therefore reduced its energy prices in Great Britain and, unlike some companies, is also passing on savings to customers on fixed and capped price tariffs. Two of the companies have openly spoken of their disappointment at the proposed settlements, and others are muttering behind the scenes. Demonstrating environmental leadership in the transition to a low carbon economy. DNOs have been sceptical about the benefits of the rollout since it was decided that suppliers should lead it — a different model to the location-by-location approach led by networks in other countries. At a glance Why join SSE? They are also useful mechanisms to buy some time where proposed network solutions that may solve multiple loading issues are in development.

Prif ddolenni Small claims procedure Help for victims of rape and sexual violence. The survey itself must not be a resource burden on stakeholders.

sse ed1 business plan

Search through all of our current vacancies. In addition to simplifying and streamlining its business through its value programme, SSE is also committed to demonstrating its appetite for reform.

SSE’s core purpose is to provide the energy sss need in a reliable and sustainable way. The energy markets in GB and Ireland are undergoing technological, regulatory and demographic changes. This change, which is scheduled to be completed by 31 Marchwill enhance the transparency of the measurement and reporting of the performance of these businesses and be consistent with the expected evolution of the Consolidated Segmental Statements.

With the decline of indigenous gas supplies, the arrival of significant LNG importation terminals, greater European interconnection and the emergence of a new generation of fast cycle storage, the nature and behaviour of connected parties has materially changed.

Gas-fired power stations and gas storage facilities, however, have continued to struggle in difficult market conditions.


SSE PLC – SSE Business Update – Proactiveinvestors (UK)

As stated in its Annual ReportSSE recognises that there is legitimate regulatory, political and public interest in its activities and it is SSE’s responsibility to provide value for money, fairness and transparency to customers. While companies would normally chafe at their regulatory settlements, there are quite specific disagreements about whether the DNOs can achieve the cost savings Ofgem has demanded. As SSE stated in its IMS, the uncertainty associated with any constitutional change represents increased legislative and regulatory risk, of which SSE has to take account in making decisions.

DNOs are left to determine this combination themselves. In order to deliver its price freeze, SSE recognises and accepts that its profit margins in Energy Supply in the next two financial years are expected to be lower than in the past.


SSE uses adjusted earnings per share 1 to monitor financial performance over the medium term, because it defines the amount of profit after tax that has been earned for each Ordinary share. The assessment from SHE Transmission demonstrates that the customer benefit of the new link, which is required to transmit a large volume of electricity from renewable sources in the north of Scotland, is clear.

This means, for example, that while it supports action to address climate change, it also believes steps should be taken to ensure such action does not make energy unaffordable for the most vulnerable electricity and gas customers. This notification of close period contains forward-looking statements about financial and operational matters.

Submission to Ofgem on electricity networks’ RIIO-ED1 business plans

In addition, there are other assets such as onshore wind farms which present, through disposal, opportunities to release capital to support future investment. We forecast that growth on our network will continue to be largely driven by demand from customers for new connections to new buildings.

SSE will publish its results for the financial year to 31 March on 21 May As a result, actual financial results, operational performance and other future developments could differ materially from those envisaged by the forward-looking statements. This has provoked what counts as a storm of outrage in the polite world of regulated utilities. You can join the webcast by visiting www.


sse ed1 business plan

SSE has already put in place arrangements to ensure that it takes account of this uncertainty in its decision-making and is undertaking work to ensure that it: Prif ddolenni Find busineess local Citizens Advice Volunteer with us Jobs in our network Press releases Our blogs Read what we’re saying about a range of issues. Electricity North West Limited 8 1 July The fault level interventions are compared with that of the non-load programme. This section of our website provides examples and case studies of how we serve the communities we operate in.

Longer term, SSE remains open-minded about further reform that is in the clear interests buslness customers, including further steps that would enhance the transparency of financial reporting and operations. Electricity network companies also known as Distribuution and Network Organsitions are local monopolies who have to agree their work and charges with the regulator Ofgem.

Businesss line with that, while SSE believes that the integrated management of Retail and Wholesale businesses brings significant benefits for customers, including protection from price volatility in wholesale markets, it has also acknowledged that more needs to be done to make the energy sector easier to understand and has already confirmed that it has no objections in principle to greater separation of Retail and Wholesale businesses.

Rwy’n iawn gyda cwcis. Ofgem insists the benefits of the rollout should be passed back to consumers as soon as possible, ie within the ED1 period. SSE supports the introduction of a Capacity Market inbelieving it to be essential to support the retention of, and investment in, electricity generation plant. At the same time, just as its decision-making aims to reflect all three parts of the energy ‘trilemma’, SSE urges politicians and regulators to do all they can to ensure that all of their decisions are robust, consistent and sustainable.

SSE is currently confirming which of its electricity generating units are potentially eligible to take part and assessing its development portfolio to confirm eligibility also.