The charges for the structure. What should I do? And in our view, they should have realised that delaying giving Saul their answer would leave him with very little time to find another adviser, and then to complete the transfer. They each had a number of UK private pension funds; Paul had 3 funds and Vivienne 2 and decided to contact us as they had decided to transfer their pension funds to Australia. At our first meeting we questioned Mrs White on the advice that she was given that prompted her to transfer.

During the first appointment with an Australian Adviser, he indicated that had a private UK pension fund of approximately GBP 66, but needed a super fund quickly that could both accept his employer contributions for a job he was about to start , as well as his pension funds. We have outlined a range of case studies for clients that we assisted over many years. Sally told us that the adviser had recommended she leave most of her pensions as they were. Mo had clearly wanted to withdraw the full cash amount of the ETV. And we thought it was likely she would have wanted to go ahead in spite of receiving advice against it. In their recommendation report, the adviser had also clearly explained that Dani would be losing the guaranteed benefits in her existing pension.

The risk of the benefits produced by the new arrangement being lower than the scheme benefits was relatively low — especially if the enhancement was taken into account. I agree to you contacting me by email or phone: After a few years of little performance despite rising markets she came to us to see if we could help. Looking at their pensions was something that they had been meaning to do after moving their family, but they just hadn’t got around to doing.

The adviser had the right to refuse to advise Saul about his transfer.

Case Studies

Tailormade took the urgent following steps to correct the situation. She also told us that the adviser had said they were treating her case as urgent, as they recognised she needed the money from the syudy for her new business. He was told the plan would provide a better pension when he retired, improved tax free death benefits and he would be able to invest in funds of his choice.


Furthermore, a UK SIPP provides a more diverse range stuey investment opportunities for individuals — those who wish to self-manage their pension can even include unorthodox investments like commercial property if the client wishes. And they were under no obligation to do so.

And along with added flexibility in accessing the pension funds, there was the real prospect that if investment growth exceeded the low critical yield, they qrrops be better. The benefits that people are entitled to under DB schemes are generally very valuable.

qrops case study

What should I do? Now, four years on and even closer to retirement, Dina thought she might have made the wrong choice. At our first meeting we questioned Mrs White on the advice that she was given that prompted her to transfer. Our projections determined that despite having to pay a surrender penalty, Mrs White will be better off with a new provider.

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Nic had responded to an advert from the adviser saying they could help people access their pensions when they turned These case studies are aimed at providing clarity about how we approach the complaints we czse — illustrating the range of issues involved, and the types of factors we consider when reaching our decision.

Stephen and Nina were clients that were referred to our UK office.

qrops case study

We have outlined a range of case studies for clients that we assisted over many years. Stephen was a successful professional who had a pension balances of GBP , Nina had a balance of GBP 97, with an additional GBPthat they were allocating to qropps their retirement income.

Paul and Vivienne accepted our recommendations of a QROPS retail superannuation fund to receive their UK pensions, however they opted for keeping their funds in cash in GBP within each of their Australian retail super funds until they decided on their investment strategy and whether to invest in portfolios of AUD or GBP. Nic had got in touch with the adviser three months before his 55th birthday, saying he wanted to do that.


From the information they sent us, we established that they were regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. And we thought that if Mo had told the adviser about what she was planning to do in anticipation of qrope cash from her pension, they would have advised her against taking any action before the transfer decision was made.

qrops case study

She recited what the original advisors had told her: The tax implications according to your current and future residence. This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies qrpos assist with your navigation and provide more personalised services to you, both on this website and through other media.

They were only responsible for advising on the suitability of the transfer. John and Anne dase our internal accountants to do their individual tax returns qrols ongoing SMSF compliance work.

Individual cases are decided on their own facts. However, there are still certain regulations in the UK to consider. A detailed report and written evaluation of the options available to you. For instance, if you are UK tax resident or have been a non-UK tax resident for less than five complete UK tax years, the benefits that you receive from your overseas scheme must not exceed the benefits you could have received from a UK pension.

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