Such transfer shall be effective from the beginning of 3rd semester but the time spent by M. This would mean that the latest date would expire a month before the end of a target date, if a draft is being handed over to the Supervisor. The thesis submitted by the candidate for Ph. Each student so selected shall be required to register and pay the dues within 30 days from the date of issuance of the notification of registration, failing which the admission of the selected candidate shall deem to be cancelled. Phil degree in the normal period of four semesters will cease to be a JRL. Any part of the thesis which has been published before submission of the thesis may be appended at the end of the thesis.

A JRA who fails to complete the requirements of the M. Both, the research proposal and the title must be submitted by the student to the Advanced Studies and Research Board with in one year after the registration. It shall be written in English and the presentation must be satisfactory for publication. Must have obtained 1st division in M. The course credit shall normally be completed within the first two semesters. Fee and Other Dues Each student shall be required to pay tuition fee and such other charges as may be prescribed by the Syndicate from time to time. The external examiners will be requested to critically examine the thesis for its suitability for the award of Ph.

It covers a broad range of engineering disciplines, including aerospace, qauu, chemical, civil, environmental, geological, health and safety, industrial, materials science, mechanical, nuclear, petroleum, soil science and solar engineering.

The terminal examination will be held at the end of each semester on the dates to be fixed by the controller of examination in consultation the chairman of the departments.

If the candidate passes the viva-voice examination, the degree of Ph. Such courses and syllabi shall become effective from the date of approval by the Syndicate or such other date as the Syndicate may determine. Teaching shall be entrusted to a person who possesses a Doctorate unless otherwise permitted by the Advanced Studies and Research Board.


The applications of eligible candidates shall be considered by the Department admission committee which shall be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor. If the CGPA is less than 2. The viva-voice examination will be conducted by the two external examiners appointed by the Vice-Chancellor from the panel approved by the Advanced Studies and Research Board, the Supervisor and the Chairman of the department concerned.

Royal College of Physicians.

PhD Thesis

In case of in-service candidates, a No objection Certificate from the employer is required to be attached with admission form and routed through proper channel. Entry Fee for Examination.

Phil degree within four consecutive semesters. If the thesis is adjudged as adequate by two of the three examiners, the Advanced Studies and Research Board shall allow the candidate to appear in the oral examination defense of thesis examination. The viva-voce examination shall be open to the public but the evaluation will be done only by the panel of examiners. Should not have obtained 3rd division in B.

qau thesis format

A JRA who has completed the following requirements shall be eligible for admission to M. A JRA who fails to complete the requirements of the M. Applications for admission to various courses of study will be invited from all over the Pakistan and admission will be made on the base of merit and regional quota.

Masters degree program in the faculty of natural Fprmat will be offered in the following subjects and such other yhesis as may be indicated from time to time Biology Chemistry Computer Science Electronics Geophysics Mathematics Physics Statistics.

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It is hoped that this publication shall provide adequate information and useful guidelines both for students and teachers of QAU. Assistant Librarian, Incharge Computer Section.


Bound in standard size form i. The supervisor of the student will also be co-opted as a member of this committee.

The Advanced Studies and Research Board will consider and approve the panels of examiners. Residence requirement of two years shall be necessary for students pursuing Ph.

qau thesis format

Student should meet the supervisor at least twice a week, during the residency period, and at least twice a month, after the completion of the residency period, to obtain satisfactory report. An academic year of the University will comprise of two semesters, each of a minimum duration of tehsis weeks of teaching.

No extension beyond six semesters will be granted under any circumstances. A candidate who successfully completes all the requirements shall be awarded, with the approval of the Research Board and the Syndicate, the degree of Ph.

MPhil Examination Rules | Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad , Pakistan

For the course work, the mode of registration and examinations regulations shall be same as in M. Quarts approximately 10 inches, except for drawing and maps on which no restriction is placed. Must have good character. One for department office iv.

The reports of the examiners will be placed before the Advanced Studies and Research Board for consideration. Approved by the Syndicate in its th meeting held on 13th April, The application shall be submitted to the Chairman of the department in which the student wishes to pursue his studies. Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad,Pakistan.