Learn more at nyu. Students and faculty members hail from across the country and around the globe, bringing their diverse experience and varied points of view to the classroom and beyond. Any other documentation requested by the department. Click on the links below for more information. What are the admissions requirements? At the NYU School of Professional Studies, your graduate studies will be enriched through participation in internships, study abroad opportunities, professional conferences, networking events, and capstone or thesis projects that focus on broadening your understanding of your chosen field. Each panel will conduct the hearing as the panel members deem appropriate, but each hearing will include the following provisions:

If the student is unable to attend the semester following the term withdrawal, he or she should request a Leave of Absence from his or her Program Advisor See “Leave of Absence” section. Grades of “N,” “P,” or “W” are not computed into the grade point average. Does Diploma Program tuition include all course fees? Examples of materials include: The Committee Designee invites the Respondent and Complainant to the hearing and notifies the Respondent and Complainant that they are responsible for notifying Witnesses of hearing details. At the NYU School of Professional Studies, your graduate studies will be enriched through participation in internships, study abroad opportunities, professional conferences, networking events, and capstone or thesis projects that focus on broadening your understanding of your chosen field. The Committee has jurisdiction over academic disciplinary matters involving all students—whether visiting, matriculated, or noncredit—taking classes at NYUSPS in graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education academic programs.

Deferral of student loan repayment and renewal of a student visa. The course has not been credited toward another degree.

nyu scps thesis

Once a final grade has been submitted by the instructor and recorded on the transcript, turning in additional course work cannot change the final grade. Advisors and students should meet periodically to discuss progress. The first session runs on Wednesday, April 13, from 7: Overall guidelines for this presentation can be found hereand the recommended Thesis Presentation Content Guide is here i.

The student must present a written appeal stating the grounds for the appeal to the Dean. The appellate process will not consist of a new hearing and will be limited to a review of the report and proceedings before the hearing body.


Example 3 The first session runs on Wednesday, April 13, from 7: Accordingly, decisions thhesis be made and communicated to the students by their department before the end of the academic term in which they make the request. The student has two options: How do I read my schedule? If you are admitted into your selected Diploma Program, please let us know if you would like additional information regarding third-party payments.

Capstone Projects Overview Capstone projects are generally either an individual or group effort toward producing a non-traditional product e. Course is considered appropriate to the degree sought. The security and well-being of all members of the University community are matters of fundamental importance.

Disciplinary action shall not be limited to these offenses:. Students are responsible for reviewing their grades each semester.

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

There are only two tthesis during which a student may be given full-time or half time equivalency: The Associate Dean of Student Affairs has the discretion to limit the number of witnesses appearing at the hearing to a reasonable number.

Any student absent from class because of religious beliefs shall not be penalized for any class, examination, or assignment deadline missed on that day or days.

nyu scps thesis

The decision of a hearing body, in all circumstances, will be discretionary, shall include what entry shall be made on the record of the student, and may include any one or more of the following sanctions:. Requests to view the Compilation of Findings report must be sent to the Committee Designee. Students may not make academic progress at another institution and then transfer ny credits back to NYU during the term of suspension.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines – MSGA Academic Website

Expand All Collapse Theeis. A copy of the questionable content with highlights or other indications of rhesis of concern. Deliberate destruction, theft, or unauthorized entry or use of laboratory data, research materials, computer lab resources, equipment, software, or University property Interference or disruption of an academic event, program, or class Actual or threatened violence Sexual assault or fhesis sexual contact Use, possession or storage of any weapon, dangerous chemical, fireworks, or explosive Hazing Refusal or failure to meet with University representative or present NYU ID upon request Non-compliance with judicial sanctions Knowingly providing false testimony or evidence The use, possession, or distribution of alcohol, narcotics, or dangerous drugs on University property, if such is illegal, or the possession of a sufficiently large scpx as to indicate an intention to distribute illegally Violation of any local, state, or federal laws where such violations have an adverse effect on the educational mission of the University Harassment of any type I.


Students who have completed all requirements and coursework except thesis or senior project are NOT eligible for readmission.

nyu scps thesis

Demonstrates mastery of all learning outcomes of the course and understanding of core concepts. Once a student has graduated and a degree has been awarded by New York University, a grade appeal will not be scos.

Typically, the scpx will ask the complainant to present the complaint, the respondent to respond to the allegations, call all complainant witnesses allowing the respondent to cross-examine and then call yhesis respondent witnesses allowing the complainant to cross-examine.

The course was taken within the past five 5 years and the department has determined that the material is current and valid. New York University, as a nonsectarian institution, adheres to the general policy of including in its official calendar only certain legal holidays. This distinction will be awarded solely on the basis of the overall quality of the thesis, as measured by all components featured in the current thesis grading rubric, including the defense of thesis presentation.

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The Committee Designee contacts the party alleging the violation the “Complainant” and the person alleged to have committed the violation the “Respondent” within five business days to explore the nature of the offense.

Content is delivered as an on-site lecture or lab. Submitting in your own name papers, tests, examinations, or reports completed by another person.