Middle School Non-Fiction Activity: William Randolph Hearst, who instructed his reporters to cover the trial in a manner that would light a flame of indignation in people everywhere, then paid for Hauptmann’s defense lawyer, Edward J. He was given to cruel practical jokes, and was essentially a rather cold person. Second, the rungs were so awkwardly spaced that it would take all but an extremely tall person two hands to descend. Then a German-born carpenter named Bruno Richard Hauptmann , with high cheekbones and a pointy face, but fair and blue-eyed, was caught passing one of the bills from the ransom money.

And, to avoid further disgrace, further hounding of the family by the press, the family spent two days dreaming up a way to cover up the crime. Condon told Lindbergh that he had received a note from the kidnappers, appointing him the go- between for the ransom negotiations. Police claimed to have found a missing board in Hauptmann’s attic which matched the wood in the kidnap ladder. Charles Lindbergh originally courted Elizabeth, and the press reported rumors of an engagement. Two witnesses came forward to say that they had seen Hauptmann in the Hopewell area the day of the crime.

lindbergh kidnapping thesis

And when the board in question was matched against the piece it was lindbfrgh cut away from, it proved to be thicker than the board still in the attic floor. The first is that Hauptmann was guilty. The cover-up theory, however, explains Lindbergh’s behavior, and a few other questions unanswered by the arrest and conviction of Hauptmann. At the time of their original investigation, police insisted that the criminals must have thesiz through the house, kidnpaping initially suspected a member of the household.


How to cite this page Choose cite format: For the e-published version of this thesis go to: The piece of evidence that apparently carried most weight with the jury was Lindbergh’s identification of Hauptmann’s voice as the same one he heard in the cemetery. Charles Lindbergh was the greatest hero of the s. There is no proof that Lindbergh in fact killed his own child; however, the theory answers questions left open by Hauptmann’s arrest and execution.

Lindbergh led them straight to the window under the child’s room, pointed out the discarded htesis, and led them to the prints which the ladder had left, and a footprint. His successful flight would make Lindbergh an icon not only for the nation, but the world.

Thesis statement for lindbergh kidnapping

Click to learn more https: And much of Lindbergh’s conduct during the trial is, in hindsight, very peculiar. She reported this first to Anne Morrow Lindbergh, the child’s mother, then they went to Colonel Lindbergh’s room. Surprisingly, he managed to escape incarceration.

Lindbergg did they hesitate to follow his orders throughout the investigation, although they, not Lindbergh, were the trained investigators. Orteig of New York City.

Thesis statement for lindbergh kidnapping

Hauptmann testified until his last breath that he was innocent. How did the alleged kidnappers know exactly which window were the child’s, and of those, which one was warped so that it wouldn’t latch? Upon being turned in, the police tracked the license plate and found it belonged to Hauptmann. But before Whateley could do so, the police arrived. Hauptmann used this to get into the nursery on the second floor of the Lindbergh home.


Hauptmann was convicted numerous times in Germany, and after many years of theft, arrests, and jail time, he was sent to prison.

lindbergh kidnapping thesis

Lindbergh had given the ransom money to the villain not knowing his son was already dead. Hauptmann claimed that he found lindbergg money in a package left with him by his business partner, Isador Fisch, before Fisch left on a trip to Germany.

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Hauptmann couldn’t recall writing it there, but conceded that since it was in his closet, maybe he did, because he had been interested in following the case. A ljndbergh of that was that he was guilty, but had not acted alone.

And why, when the entire staff and Anne Lindbergh testified that the dog always barked at disturbances and at strangers approaching the house, did Lindbergh deny this? The last two theories are more startling. A quick review of the basic questions answered and left open, will demonstrate this.

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