Popular on merinews The most popular citizen journalists’ reports on merinews chosen automatically on the basis of views and comments. Wastage of food in Indian weddings Share. Here are a few suggestions which can be taken into consideration to prevent wastage of food in Indian weddings: Frankly man, these people should be stripped and lashed severely. Every time food inflation comes as a topic for discussion, formal or informal, it almost always goes in the same direction. I want a free account. The Indian general election and the possible outcome.

And thousands of wedding halls, gardens and lawns, decorated with multi-coloured lights and festoon and strewn all over the city are doing brisk business. SBP warns of higher inflation next fiscal year. We imagine only of that evil outside somewhere is fixed, we the pious and pure people would continue living our pristine and perfect lives. The host does not get any feedback and has no clear idea of how many people will show up. Real Indian culture is in sharing, saving, reducing waste and making most out of least. While so many people are going hungry, we are bathing idols of our gods in milk and honey. Piles of dishes of excess food are thrown into the garbage bin even knowing that ghee, meat, sugar and vegetable are touching new records day by day.

You might follow the mentioned link for the correct format of a letter to an editor: Actor Francesca Ravera combines. Winters are the seasons of marriages as we all know that around this time of the year many marriages took place. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It was such a glamorous wedding.


essay on colossal wastage of food in lavish indian weddings

The situation has gone from bad to worse specially in Sindh where malnutrition and food insecurity among women and children has increased, says a World Food Programme spokesperson Amjad Jamal. But our best of the best MBAs are launching marketing campaigns worldwide to increase foof share of consumer products worldwide.

essay on colossal wastage of food in lavish indian weddings

Not finding what you are looking for? I also appeal to people to pay heed to wise consumption of food items at weddings.

essay on colossal wastage of food in lavish indian weddings

Yet when it comes to wedding, one forgets that many people are food insecure because of food inflation, though one can see food being served on the streets of Karachi by charities.

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The voice behind Vox Media’s. The alternative is also to encourage charities to pick up left over food through refrigerated vehicles for free distribution among the destitute.

It is a larger question of who Normally, weddings are now held in marriage halls, apart from hotels where some affluent find more convenient to arrange the wedding ceremony. Book review – Towards Legal. I appeal to the concerned ministry through the esteemed columns of your daily to look into it.

A hug which cost India Rs 2. I thought if one wedding was consuming so much food, how much food must have been wasted all across the country at weddings taking place nationwide! There is also a lot of wastage in how we get our food.

Write a letter to the editor-Colossal wastage of food in the lavish indian weddings.

Buy essay on and guests are three jewels on wastage of food. The globally aware EcoFinanciamento Bradesco. As a scholar and practitioner of different types of media that encompass traditional analogue processes to new media technologies. You esay commenting using your Facebook account. The caterers admitted that the wastage was enormous since the buffet system was introduced in dinners. Every time food inflation comes as a topic for discussion, formal or informal, it almost always goes in the same direction.


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We need to realise that there are so many people out there who barely manage a single meal a day. The possibility of richard d. Let’s meet the winners of. Email required Address never made public. Briefly, the article talks about how huge amounts of food gets wasted in Indian weddings. The last end of our food and vegetable supply chains are street vendors, who lack adequate infrastructure to store food to reduce waste.

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Wastage of food in Indian weddings

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