If you are a student who receives accommodations, your test will be in the hands of a teacher in Room , next to the main entrance. English Visuals File Size: Study “Poetry terms” Handout 4 pages and review poetry portfolio completed in class. Macbeth Act Assignment File Size: Extra Practice Visuals File Size: Course Outline for 1st Semester, English ; more to follow.

If you are a student who receives accommodations, your test will be in the hands of a teacher in Room , next to the main entrance. Choose 8 visuals and dissect above using provided sheets. Please go directly there for your test, not to our classroom 1. Visuals Asst NO names. Sheets are corrected aloud in class and collected at end of class. Discussion Note Taking Sheets The Essay Unit in 1 Page.

English 3201

Transitional Terms File Size: Macbeth Summaries revised To be used with visuals displayed below in “Visuals Asst. Notes on novel concerning plot, character, theme, and symbolism. Google Classroom Instructions File Size: Exam Table of Specifications File Size: Essay, due on Thursday, December 18th, essaay What is Media Literacy?


You shall be missed. Advertising Techniques File Size: Exam Table of Specifications.

english 3201 essay rubric

Students are given class time to complete question sheets. A Creative assignment where a student chooses the medium that best suits their talents. PBS interview discussing Salinger as an elusive author, along with the messages and continued popularity of “The Catcher in the Rye”. Comparative Essay see Tab 9 below: Practice for test on Monday, March 9th, Two weeks were spent in the computer lab tubric November working on this paper.

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Comparative Essay Rubric File Size: For students who missed initial test or wanted to upgrade mark. Mood and Tone Handouts File Size: Students who have submitted their paper have received an initial grade and were given an opportunity to revise their paper for re-submission.

english 3201 essay rubric

Personal Response will be written in class on Thursday, January 22, Research Questions Notes File Size: I’m 18 Alice Cooper File Size: Comparative Essay Rubric Macbeth Essay Test Topics.


Thorough Guidelines for Media Literacy: Arts and Letters Competition: Sparknotes video 10 minutes of The Catcher in the Rye View. Formulaic essay questions used in the dissection of the essay. Essay Questions from Textbook File Size: Found Poetry Instructions File Size: Media terminology Worksheet for practice.

No notes or electronics permitted. Mood and Tone Handouts.

Letter distributed to some students.