A candidate accident tolerant fuel system based on a highly concentrated alloy thin film Tunes, M. Chair of Casting Research. Maximiliane Mori within four weeks. Mitteilungsblatt according to the law on student funding. Mitteilungsblatt; German title of the Mitteilungsblatt:

Department Physical Metallurgy and Materials Testing. Chair of Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Recovery. Application documents are to be submitted to the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics. Exxon Mobil foreign exchange scholarship. Marshall Plan anniversary scholarship.

Chair of Thermal Processing Technology. Chair of Mining Engineering and Mineral Economics.

Priority is given to students in the final stage of their programme. Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy. Applications are to be submitted to the Chair of Ceramics.


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The aim of the support scholarship is to provide dissertatuon aid to degree programme students for ongoing theses or dissertations that involve an above-average financial outlay e. Chair of Applied Geophysics.

Chair of Applied Mathematics. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Rudolf Posselt gives the university a travel scholarship, known as the Posselt’sche Reisefond.


Department Werkstoffwissenschaft

The Chair of Industrial Logistics provides information regarding applications. Mitteilungsblatt; German title of the Mitteilungsblatt: Chair of Geology and Economic Geology. Vehicle industry anniversary scholarship. After discussing with a board of disserattion, the rectorate decides on the size of the grant.

The Styrian Economic Chamber German: Chair of Conveying Technology. Chair of Computational Geometry. Chair of Mechanical Engineering.

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Chair of Materials Science and Testing of Polymers. Applications are to be handed in at the rectors office Ms. Application documents are to be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Studies. Chair of Chemistry of Polymeric Materials.

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Chair of Petroleum Geology. Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy. Open Embargoed Closed Indeterminate None. Marshall Plan anniversary scholarship. Department Mathematics and Information Technology.

dissertation montanuniversität leoben

Excellence scholarships are announced annually through the University Gazette German: Microbial production of high value molecules using rayon waste material as carbon-source Vecchiato, S. Chair of Energy Network Technology.


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Chair of Materials Physics. Materials science and engineering: Maximiliane Mori within four weeks. Bonded aerospace repairs under tensile loading: