The Anthropology of Disaster. Social stratification affects cyclone use in terms of both physical locale and access and perceived accessibility. Additionally, the government sent medical teams into areas highly impacted by cyclone Sidr and medical supplies were requested from multiple international organizations Paul, Rahman, and Rakshit By afternoon, panic was widespread, as news of roadside deaths and uprooted trees, possibilities of the city being in the eye of the storm, with feet high waves in the river with Ganga tributaries crossing danger mark, spread through offices, households and amongst commuters. The cyclone had been christened Aila. This highlights an interesting point concerning the language and symbols regarding disasters.

Of them 80, people have been rescued till late this afternoon, Mr Dasgupta [West Bengal Minister for Finance] said. This page was last edited on 2 May , at Bangladesh has also made an effort to reduce lives lost in regard to cyclones through the use of cyclone shelters. Another outbreak of water borne diseases, namely dysentery , has infected over 3, people. Local Perspective on L D in the context of extreme events. In order for these shelters to be sought after they should be built through a gendered lens to help improve security and safety for women. A study conducted from cyclone Sidr among people from two shelter sites found that the warning and signaling systems were inadequate and disaster responders were found to be inactive in disseminating cyclone warnings Islam, Bala, Hussain, Hossain and Rahman

For more details see the links below. Cyclone Aila resulted in less lives lost and damage than cyclone Sidr; part of this can be attributed to the lesser severity of the storm, but it can be argued that improvements were made in the years between the two cyclones. Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 6 1: Emergency Capacity Building Project. Cyclone Aila was originally not classified as a disaster which negatively impacted the medical response of both national and international agencies.


Cyclone Aila

These outer winds had geogrpahy greater than kmph”. Archived from the original on May 21, To edit this wikiSurge page, log in. They have also estimated that the loss would be around Rs crore. Storm surge and aftermath A storm surge of m above tide levels was experienced along the coasts of West Bengal and the adjoining areas of Bangladesh.

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Through the comparison of the early warning systems and beography of both cyclone Sidr and cyclone Aila, one is able to parse out similar barriers reported by survivors. Recommendations Based on the aforementioned lessons learned, recommendations can be made to help improve disaster preparedness and response in Bangladesh and other similar future disasters.

Cyclone Aila (2009)

On May 25, Aila’s wind speeds ranged from 74 kilometers per hour 46 miles per hour or 40 knots to kilometers per hour 75 miles per hour or 65 knots. The day began on this dismal note, along with winds and rain. The Wall Street Journal. Lack of timely response from aid agencies allowed for the development of disease outbreaks following the storm.

Two years later on May 25,a category 1 cyclone—Aila—struck the south-west coast of Bangladesh. In a study done among individuals living in the worst-affected areas of both cyclones, So of necessity, I have long gwography devised my own traditional method of “knowing”.

All long distance trains from Howrah were suspended, as the route lay through the path of storm. After cyclone Sidr, 2, new shelters were implemented; however, the number and location still proved to be inadequate during cyclone Aila Haque et al. The case for intersectionality must also be considered in terms of household income and religious convictions; shelters should be built within 1 km of residences.


Satellite and in-situ data. Health Outcomes Cyclone Sidr: Get in touch Please email us if you have any problems. The Nasa Earth Observatory.

cyclone aila case study geography

Tuesday, 21 May Similar to cyclone Sidr, cyclone Aila destroyed sanitation facilities, water supplies, and displaced a large number of people into makeshift homes along the damaged coast Roy and Blaschke During cyclone Aila, it tsudy estimated that roughlylives were saved from being effectively evacuated into shelters Raj, Ullah and Akhter Health officials in Bangladesh confirmed a deadly outbreak of diarrhoea on 29 May, with more than 7, people being infected and four dying.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Numerous villages were either completely submerged in floodwaters or destroyed. Later, I learned from my maid that she had spend that night in her drenched clothes, packed with others in the trains grounded at the Sealdah station.

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It intensified over the next few days while moving northwards, becoming classified as a severe cyclonic storm early on 25th May. There is potential for incorporation of indigenous strategies, knowledge, norms, or customs that can supplement and improve adherence to warning signals among the community Mallick et al.

The devastation incurred from cyclone Sidr prompted Bangladesh to build 2, new cyclone shelters; however, they proved to still not be enough as witnessed during cyclone Aila Haque et al.