Views Read Edit View history. English, Russian and more [1]. In fact, that page is the second Google search result for “rationalwiki”. The comments of a pedophile were attributed to Vordrak’s middle name for fourteen hours, when FuzzyCatPotato and Weaseloid undid the actions of the “SecretAgentoftheMods” account. It was originally founded by atheist trolls making fun of religion, but at the same time, are completely unaware that what they write is anything but rational. The wiki has now open to everyone and their contributions. This is done through careful, nonpartisan consideration of the merits and drawbacks in all cases.

This was, again, based on the premise that the law left women powerless unless they were empowered by the right to bring such lawsuits which, in a sense, it did, given that existing “quid pro quo” harassment suits only granted women protection from the actions and policies of their superiors and did not give them an easy legal avenue to fight discrimination on the part of their peers and coworkers. After they were blocked, “Lipson and several other contributors quit trying to moderate the articles [on Conservapedia] and instead started their own website, RationalWiki”. The ordinance, which threatened to make publishers liable for publishing anything from Hustler to the Iliad , apparently [6] violated the First Amendment of the U. ED may yet redeem themselves, to a degree, as an active contributor in the war against Scientology [1]. Oh, and by “doxxing”, they mean participating in a thread that links to Queex’s public LiveJournal profile.

Tools, Architectures, Systems, Applications. After they were blocked, “Lipson and several other contributors quit trying to moderate the articles [on Conservapedia] and instead started their own website, RationalWiki”. A proponent of this idea might cite arguments along the lines of the following:. QualiaSoup provides a brief and educational look at some of the principles of critical thinking.

Unfortunately for many of them, they lack the balls to confront the people they know in real life with their rebellious beliefs.


I grew up spiritual and not religious, since my mom was one of those New Agey types – I learned pendulum dowsing divination, guided meditation, herbal remedies, crystal raationalwiki, and other staples of the “crackpot” New Age practitioner.

After much protest from liberals the prospect of suing the socks off Larry Flynt had right-wingers wetting their pants too much to smart off about political correctness in this instanceshe was told, from the federal bench, exactly where she could shove her legal reasoning. Thinking hard or hardly thinking?

Retrieved November 2, Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved August 22, But household name company Z used it to build their system that in no way resembles ours. Constitution, on the grounds of both ideological censorship and of failing to apply the Miller test for obscenity.

In Intelligent SystemsAlexander Shvets stated that RationalWiki is one of the few online resources that “provide some information about pseudoscientific theories” and notes that it attempts to “organize and categorize knowledge about pseudoscientific rationalwwiki, personalities, and organizations”.

Come to think of it. There can be no doubt that Docker and Kubernetes are fantastic tools, but the fact that they are new and becoming accepted as an industry standard does not necessarily mean you should adopt them.

Critical legal studies – RationalWiki

The best part of the RationalWiki is the genuine belief each of their contributors have of their own critical thinking skills. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: On November 13,a pedophile created an account named “Shouniaisha” Japanese for “pedophile”. At that time on Rationalwiki I was editing something else on Rome Viharo’s entry on another sock, then I saw that paedophile which was just created and I made another sock to complain in the community portal about him.

The ordinance aimed to give this power to women at any cost. Of these, the What is going on rationlwiki CP?


critical thinking rationalwiki

For the utter despair of all, packs of manboobed individuals roam the land, yearning to add the latest speck of fail to their collection of rubbish.

Retrieved January 17, To say that RationalWikians focus all their energy on every single stupidity that comes out of Andy Schlafly’s head is an understatement. Despite all of their attempts which almost invariably consist of belittling others on the internet and attempts at “shock humor”they fail to understand that goatse and porn don’t make people laugh.

On the 7th, Shouniaisha took a break from RationalWiki. Her trolling resulted in many pages being mod-locked, and incited a Ratwiki civil war with well-known users clashing in an ultimate display of faggotry not seen since Hipocrite, resulting in accusations thinkng trolling by the Jewlord agents. Remember that one kid who was an insufferable know-it-all who tried to fit in by telling awkward jokes while also talking about how “knowledgeable” he was?

Critical thinking

Note that they also banned my other account, Mr. Although the RationalWiki proudly sports the word “rational” in its name; nothing could be further from the truth. Just troll’em good you fuckwad! Visit the Sites Portal for complete coverage. That changed when users began questioning the crutical of the “SecretAgentoftheMods” account a couple of days later, forcing FuzzyCatPotato to desysop the accountyet they refused to take action against the account’s operator and tried blocking the person bringing up legit complaints as a “concern troll”.

Pseudoscience and the ParanormalJohnathan Smith lists RationalWiki in an exercise on finding and identifying fallacies.

critical thinking rationalwiki