If your teacher accept. You can take any confidence level. But according to the graph my y has negative values. Parents often wonder how tall their kids would be. Hor cindy on August 3, at 5:

Sir,Mat i know how to do the intro?? Sir , can your kindly write the introduction , methodology and conclusion? KHZ on August 31, at This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Subs into the equation of x and y.

Wan Mai on August 26, at 6: Sample Question Parametric equations express a set of related quantities as explicit functions of an independent variable, known as a parameter.

Ways to find the points of intersection will only be shown to my students.

coursework math t stpm 2016

Question 3 A function g is defined bywhere. KHZ on August 31, at If your teacher accept. And not asking what is the parametric equation.

STPM Mathematics (T) Term 3 Assignment | KK LEE MATHEMATICS

I cant teach here. Assignment sample solution will be continued only after this semester. Only sample solution for mathematical part will be posted. How do I get the values of t for Q3?


mathematics coursework stpm 2016

Different school teachers have different requirements. Photograph by Johanna84 via Pixabay. Describe how to ensure f randomness of your sample. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Sample solution will be posted once i discussed the solution in class. So do not expect me to know all the school teachers requirement. When you press your calculator,you shouldnt insert the negative in.

Sir, is it 2 a need to plot the curve?? Sir, I do really appreciate your hard work! Wan Mai on August 26, at 7: It is stated there.

coursework math t stpm 2016

Eh sorry correct already. Write the answer directly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tay on August 23, at Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

I hope you have solved your question. MathsLoL on September 2, at 2: If you eliminate it, how did you do it? Sir it seems that there is more than 1 graph fr various valuess of t Reply. Can you show me some guidance on doing the introductionmethodology and conclusion of this assignment.


Jia xin on October 1, at 1: Teacher, how can i find the intersection points in 3 b? Use ALL equations to verify.