There is no consensus definition of the sharing economy. He took a close interest in defense policy, especially new technologies, after naming nuclear physicist Harold Brown as Secretary of Defense. Note, however, that dynamic pricing and pay-premium incentives in lieu of more stable earning reliability, which some sharing economy firms deploy, may also contribute to income volatility. Close The second challenge involves validating external findings. Taking in the Sharing Economy Part I offers a sense of the discourse around the sharing economy to date.

It connects consumers to providers for a fee. Close Indeed, the report specifically assesses the pros and cons of regulatory intervention in the sharing economy, with many experts and FTC staff concluding that regulation would be premature. The Digital Transformation of Work, 37 Comp. On July 15, Carter delivered a nationally televised speech in which he called for long-term limits on oil imports and the development of synthetic fuels. Young advocated strong sanctions after the murder by South African police of Steve Biko in The net result of the Carter administration was the continuation of the War on Drugs and restrictions on cannabis, [] [] while at the same time cannabis consumption in the United States reached historically high levels.

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Encyclopedia of Drug Policy. We owe this example to Elizabeth Pollman. Carter won the election with History and Lessons Learned Brookings Institution, p. Retrieved August 19, Close At the relevant times, Congress was concerned with the capability of powerful firms to set prices fookie engage in practices that would annex any economic windfall from commerce ws4 industry and minimize the windfall flowing to consumers.

And drivers may have phones of varying quality and different data plans.

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Close however, particularly visible are the changes to legacy firms as they es4 to shifting consumer expectations. Close Given its emphasis on information symmetry, consumer protection law seems well positioned to help unpack and address the sorts of data-driven problems that may arise when a platform possesses and leverages asymmetries of information and power. Close In a typical anecdote, a driver sees a ride request notification flash across her screen for a split second, rather than for the standard fifteen seconds—too quickly for her to assess its merits or even blindly accept it.


We canvass them briefly below.

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Michael, Jimmy Carter as educational policymaker: Retrieved May 11, Origins and Purposes Consumer protection law covers a wide and varied area. The FTC takes a strikingly similar strategy in toward ss very different company.

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But speaking generally, consumer protection law, with its long emphasis on information and power asymmetry in the marketplace, is well suited to the task of addressing these asymmetries. In other words, Uber may position drivers to absorb these data-centric frictions without being responsible for generating the routes drivers select. Why People Resist New Technologies 25—26, ; cf.

Proponents of the sharing economy may counter that regulations are outdated and constitute barriers to entry. When revolution erupted in Iran in latethe two were divided on how to support the United States’ ally essqy Shah of Iran.

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Evidence from a Field Experiment, Am. The anticipated, long-term result of policing cookie methods, however, is more robust competition, which in turn drives up the quality and variety of goods and services and drives down the prices consumers pay for them over time.

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In MayUber introduced a series of changes to its platform that addresses some, though not all, issues related to pay transparency. But their position as all-knowing intermediaries also presents unique opportunities for market manipulation.


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Drivers may not even have a record of the specific terms governing a particular period of time, let alone a clearly legible record of their transactions. The second means by which to explore sharing economy acts and practices is to incentivize third-party researchers to investigate firms.

Close Uber may even hide uberX entirely by showing no available drivers. Close The report flags other potential issues that threaten to compromise the sharing economy ecosystem—including low information about the quality of goods and services—and identifies reputation systems and other mechanisms by which sharing economy firms address these issues.

Race and the Cold War p United States U. In this example, two users were standing immediately next to each other: As of May 31,the timer feature has been deployed inconsistently across the cities where Uber operates. Not only may the FTC subpoena witnesses and compel the production of documentary evidence in the course of an investigation, 15 U.

Young advocated strong sanctions after the murder by South African police of Steve Biko in Close A week technical explanation for this discrepancy has to do with server infrastructure.

Roosevelt Truman Eisenhower Kennedy L. All users of the platform rely on Uber to fulfill the expectations it scaffolds onto users about how its system works.