With a mixture of leaves of coca. These changes include; Change in water color, Change in the taste, and reduction in water level etc. The company arrived at the meeting, but without any supporting documents, and instead challenged all the allegations made by the Panchayat as baseless. The Plachimada bottling plant has been closed since , despite Coca-Cola declaring victory in the court battle. The next day, several members of the group were arrested by the police on trumped-up charges.

Recommends closure of plant in Rajasthan. Mehta versus Union of India 12 SCC Millions in India still get their water from rivers, wells, and communal pumps therefore privatization of water would have dramatic effects on access to water. On December 16, , a single bench of the High Court, in response to the writ petition by the Panchayat, came out with its decision. Coca-Cola once again approach the Kerala High Court resulting in court order to Panchayat to renew license Huge agricultural tracts turned to mono-cultures, and companies came in looking for cheap sources of water — such as the textile industry. Coca-Cola license to operate May

Coca-Cola are a legal person, therefore have right to draw water from their land April Centre for Science and Environment Session 5 Free raw material? We think you have liked this presentation.


Panchayat renews license, imposing 13 conditions, the most notable of which is that the bottling plant does not use the local groundwater No pesticides in Coca-Cola Products Over use of water resources in some lpt. Coca-Cola in Keralato whom does water belong? On the third day of the conference, the Plachimada declaration was adopted, and it made several significant claims: The next day, vase members of the group were arrested by the police on trumped-up charges.


Legal battle To date the Supreme Court has not passed judgment on the appeals lodged at each stage of the legal proceedings C 10 Ckla This waste had been dumped in the adjoining areas on the pretext of providing fertilizer to the farmers.

Legal battle April The Panchayat had no choice but to issue a license; therefore, it gave a three-month license subject to colla regulations. In the few months since commencement, more than families in the surrounding villages had been affected.

coca cola plachimada case study ppt

Photo Spilt Happiness by Peter Davis, some rights reserved http: Additionally, the Panchayat sent a list of 16 questions to the company and asked them to appear on November 17,with all supporting documents and reports. India Resource Center The protesters threw 50 sacks of cow dung at the walls of the plant, and then symbolically cleaned it.

Veloor Swaminathan, an adivasi leader and convener of the Samithypresided over the public meeting.

The Plachimada Struggle against Coca Cola in Southern India – Ritimo

Local Panchayat democratically elected local government cancel Coca-Cola license to operate Coca-Cola once again approach the Kerala High Court. This article is available in French: Share buttons are a little bit lower.

coca cola plachimada case study ppt

Panchayat not to renew the Coca-Cola license December More so, for every 1 litre of product produced there were 2. Initial Court Ruling In December single judge bench rules uphold right of panchayat to force closure of bottling plant Ownership of water: Panchayat renews license, imposing 13 conditions, the most.


Case Study Coca Cola Ppt

They were invited in by the state government as part of a regional industrialization program, and receive subsidies. In Januarythe company began considering ways of moving operations from Plachimada, and no operations have taken place at the plant since.

Specifcs were not mentioned in source Source: On August 5,the Centre for Science and Environment, based in Delhi, came out with a report that showed that 12 soft drinks had significant amount of pesticides in them. Conclusion The struggle at Plachimada continues to this day as villagers seek plachijada recover the loss of livelihood and counter the extreme damage to the water resources in the area.

coca cola plachimada case study ppt

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