These were prepared so that the business can run smoothly and succeed. Net Profit Margin Ourcompany will produce bread and pastry that can fulfill the various type of bread and pastrythat customer want. Violet The Carpenter is a new business in its existing market. Other than that, our business operation cost is not too high because our supplier is situated not too far away from our business location. In this Schedule the expression “vendor” includes any person who is a vendor for the purposes of the Fifth Schedule, and the expression “financial year” has the meaning assigned to it in Part III of that Schedule. The average price of product is RM

You can design, you can choose the colour by yourself, you can decide how you wanted the furniture to be, and it always about you. Thus, the graph show that our business is in a good position since the quick ratios is high. The nature of this business is instant furniture. Future, we hope to have a processing plan largerproducts and opening several branches in other states in Malaysia and overseas. Production planning is a method to calculate manpower requirement so that production demand based on sales forecast can be met.

Therefore, we expected for the first year, approximately 50 banana plant will destroyed cause by plant disease, the season weather and the animal factor.

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Ensure that the achievements and to achieve the set standard. Small tarts and other sweet baked products are called pastries This word refer to the started or our business This word refer to the things that we used to make bakery and pastry 8 Ejt Name of the CompanyDelicious Bakery and Pastry SDN. Period of Partner Agreement: Bakery and pastry is refer to a specialization within the category of food preparation and service. The difference between our company and the competitors that we provide anything that customer wanted us to make.


All the information fact is gathered from discussion. Thus, increasing the chances for us to be the choice of customers around the Kluang area.

As for this, we decided to introduce our 3 in 1 furniture to allow them to grab this deal to have this product at the affordable price. We have done some research that Malaysia is one developed country which consist of the people with lower income level and higher income level. Operational Manager Ensure that the achievements and toFinancial Manager achieve the set standard.

The representative of uktm death partners can appoint to the business under theMalaysian Law. One of the best ways to introduce a business organization is to state its vision, mission and objectives.

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The nature of this business is instant furniture. Thus, below is the calculation for the output per month. Skip to main content.

business plan ent uitm

So that our companies can concentrate on the production of the food, and provide excellent food to our customers by supplying our products according to demand. Violet The Carpenter is a business that provides multi-purposes use of furniture based on pallete wood.


Paint the palette wood with the colour requested. Ubsiness strategic ways to complete our marketing plans is by doing survey from peoples, interview, and distributes questionnaires. They will get back their investment and the notice of retirement must begiven 3 months before plwn retirement date So we take this opportunity to bring out our name, which is Violet The Carpenter.

Since, we will do all the planting and business processes, below are the Direct Labour Planning Schedule. We also want tomake sure that our business can be produce the best line of product with huge benefit, at thesame time we can minimize the cost, reduce the waste on sources and our capital.


Their children grow up and they wanted more, as for this the spaces in their house could be so small to put everything, so we are currently providing them a solution to live comfortably.

They can simply using our multi-purpose furniture that provide a simple way to save space. Buskness estimate the sales revenue at that place will meet with the required sales that we need. In this Schedule the expression “vendor” includes any person who is a vendor for the purposes of the Fifth Schedule, and the expression “financial year” has the meaning assigned to it in Part Vusiness of that Schedule.

Any additional pay is to follow current profit and will be present in the end of annualfinancial report.

Thus, apartnership agreements between us have been made consists of the information of capitalsharing, profit sharing and al tasks need to be don Administration planning is the veryimportant aspects to be looked on when we want to set up a business.

Thus, they pkan able to buy our products since the price is affordable. We innovate this furniture in a modern way to suit the trends.

business plan ent uitm

This partnership is registered under the name of Violet The Carpenter, The partners have also agreed to accept the position in Violet The Carpenter as enlisted: This place is near to the supplier of our product and it is near to residential area. These were prepared so that the business can run smoothly and succeed.