Please also visit the requirements page of this website for more detailed information on subbing a course. Submit your thesis defense certificate request form at least one month before thesis defense Once you have decided on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form. All graduates must have their degree awarded by WMU prior to honors college graduation status being processed and added to the diploma and transcript. Of course, you should show up for these meetings and be prepared for them. The honors thesis is intended to give you an opportunity to complete your own authentic scholarly or creative work.

How long will it take to complete my thesis? Engineering students may also choose to present their work during the Thesis Celebration Days at the honors college to compete for best thesis presentation prizes. Can it be substituted for HNRS ? Explore these ideas with some additional reading and conversations with other students, staff and faculty. Ideally, this form should be submitted at least three semesters before you intend to graduate.

Before responding to such requests, please discuss them with your faculty mentor. This petition should clearly describe the nature of the extenuating circumstance and must be submitted to the dean of the honors college prior to your graduation date. Most are completed within one hour, but some committees prefer to have a longer time — check with your thesis committee in advance.

The thesis should reflect the academic standards of the field of study and must be approved by a full-time WMU faculty member who agrees to serve wku the honors thesis committee chair, and at least one additional committee member with significant expertise in the area of study or a closely related discipline.


Complete all requirements as detailed in their original acceptance letter Complete and submit the following by the stated deadlines: Examples of honors theses include senior engineering design projects, creative works of fiction, original documentaries, novel educational curricula, original performances or works of art, and traditional research papers. Once you have decided on a thesis defense hhesis, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form.


Although this may seem daunting, it is an excellent opportunity for you to develop and improve colpege related to your intended profession, or in an area of significant interest to you, with the close guidance of a dedicated team of experts – your thesis chair and committee.

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Summer graduates may participate in the spring honors college ceremony. Graduation audit will be emailed to your wmich. You should definitely have regularly scheduled meetings with your thesis chair. Ideally, this form should be submitted at least three semesters before you intend to graduate. Overview The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, including the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. All College of Fine Arts BFA colleg submit a written document hhesis their experience, the context or history of their performance e.

Your corder comes forward during the ceremony to place honors cords on you. Choose your thesis committee chair in your junior year Once you have settled on a preliminary topic, the next step is to identify a thesis committee chair also sometimes referred to as the thesis mentor or advisor. Most faculty identify their specific areas of expertise on their departmental websites.

During the ceremony, you will receive your honors college cords and graduation certificate.

Thesis Declaration Form

If you do not already know the person the instructor recommends to be your thesis chair, ask your instructor if he or she would be willing to introduce you to that person.

Rooms are reserved for one hour during the Thesis Celebration Days at honore honors college. Students in some curricula, such as engineering, psychology, and fine arts, may substitute an approved capstone course from the curriculum for this requirement.

For students who entered the honors college in fall or later, at least one ocllege of HNRS is required and is counted in the Experiential category as part of the 18 total required honors credits.


Honors Thesis to formalize the relationship with the thesis chair, to get additional Colllege credit, or simply as a way to formally dedicate time in their schedule to devote to the thesis project. Most students actually report that they enjoyed the oral exam and the chance to discuss their project and findings in detail with their committee.

You should demonstrate that you wmk done a little preliminary research on your topic by reading some textbooks, journal articles or other scholarly or artistic materials.

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If you find that you need an extension, you must ask your thesis chair to provide a written petition for an lwe. Choose your thesis committee in your junior year In addition to the honors thesis chair, you must select at least one other expert to serve on your committee.

wmu lee honors college thesis

Detailed information to guide students through the honors thesis is available in the Lee Honors College student thesis handbook.

Skip to main content. The honors college graduation generally begins with a 5 p. The honors thesis experience is intended to provide you with an opportunity to hone pertinent skills and knowledge in your major field of study, or in another area of significant interest to you, under the close guidance of content pee.

You should consult with your thesis chair regarding possible members of your committee soon after you choose a topic. Quality, not quantity, is what matters in an honors thesis. Please note that HNRS must be completed the semester you plan to defend your thesis. Visit the online collection in ScholarWorks to view samples of recent theses and a list of titles going back more than 40 years.

There are many ways to find a thesis chair. Can it be substituted for HNRS ?