Do I need to do all of the applications? The university experience often helps students to identify their preferences and dislikes, and guides decisions about further training directions. Ask questions, even if your interest in the material is not great. What do I do? Make sure you have discussed the potential co-supervision with the faculty member. Second, you could build research skills and knowledge that would enhance your competitiveness as a graduate school applicant. Psych E Thesis

Thus, even if methods and statistics courses are not your favorites, they are among the most important courses you will take at Western, and you should make every effort to learn and retain the information. What do I do? If you are applying to get in to one our Honours Specialization programs you should apply to the Thesis Course. Each of your courses will make large demands on your time if done well, and you will also want to enjoy the social aspects of university life. Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Pharmacology Program.

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It is in your interest to check out potential psycholoogy from a few different areas. We look forward to getting to know you and wish you great success.

It is best to schedule an appointment with the Program Advisor to discuss your options in detail regarding an appropriate plan of action. X, or Miss X. Attendance at all activities is required. Please contact the appropriate Department if you are uncertain as to the reason behind the error message. The psychology thesis is an empirical project that involves formulating a research question, developing a research method, gathering psychological data, applying statistical analyses to the data, spychology the findings, and writing a report using the formatting requirements of our professional association.

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Psycjology do I find a Thesis advisor? There is a Mathematics prerequisite for both the Psychology Major module and for the Honours Specialization modules in Psychology. The Psychology programs are structured in a way so as to build your scholarly skills incrementally. Many factors are taken into consideration when permission is sought and students should note that receiving special permission is not guaranteed.


uwo psychology honours thesis

Enrollment limited to students in Honours Specialization in Physiology and Psychology program. If your applications to graduate schools or professional schools are unlikely to be successful in a given year, consider waiting a year to remediate necessary skills. Following completion of this course, students will be able to:. All other students must register for Psychology Honoure including HBSc students supervised by psychology faculty members who are conducting research that does not fall under the NSERC psycnology, e.

To get a foot in the door of the lab you wish to work in for your thesis, take courses from that faculty member and volunteer in his ueo her lab in third year if the lab is taking volunteers. Between March 30th and the end of April, the matches will be generated.

It is the student’s responsibility, and not the Department’s responsibility, to gather the required material.

Psychology Honors Thesis Poster Session

Psych E Thesis This program requires the equivalent of Psychology formerly an introductory course and a first-year Mathematics course. Most statistics courses are antirequisites of one another, therefore once you take one, you cannot take another without losing credit for the first one.

Feedback will be given to students as soon as possible after presentations. In other words, start at your end goal and work backward to kwo what you need to do to achieve your ultimate goal. You should list both the person you want to work with and the co-supervisor psycholigy the Supervisor Preference Form. The most common is that you do not have the required prerequisites for the course. The BA module has a more flexible structure, providing students with opportunities to take courses focused on the biological, social, and psychological foundations of behavior.


For instance, if you are given advanced standing for an introductory Psychology course, it may count as one of your uqo required first-year courses. Instruction on how to give a seminar and a minute scientific presentation Instruction on how to prepare and present a scientific poster Instruction on how to analyze a scientific paper critically Instruction on how to prepare an abstract of a research project Student presentations of the literature review, rationale, and pro posed experiments for their research projects first term Student presentations of assigned papers, emphasizing presentation technique and critical analysis one in each term Presentation of final results of the research project at a poster session second term Submission of the final results of the research project in the form of a thesis second term.

Completing an honors thesis is excellent preparation for graduate school in Psychology. An undergraduate psychology honors thesis is a major research project in Psychology carried out by a honouts year honors psychology student under the mentorship of a qualified psychology supervisor, usually a full-time psychology professor on main campus.

uwo psychology honours thesis

All students currently in an Honours Specialization program in psychology should apply, and all students who are hoping to transfer to the HSp should also apply.

Attend classes, read, and complete assignments to the best of your ability. Students will meet throughout the year at assigned times for instruction and practice in these aspects of scientific research. How will this affect my Psychology module requirements?

Honors Specialization modules are limited enrollment programs. Later courses in the program build on foundational skills in methodology, statistics, and writing for the discipline.