Whichever method you choose, you must be consistent. Discussion of any potential applications of the research findings. The College of Graduate Studies has also created several additional resources to help you format your thesis:. It is not necessary to have running headers or footers in your thesis, other than for page numbers. Acknowledge colleagues with whom you have written journal articles. Date For copies for the examination committee:

These resources are designed to help students check the presentation and formatting of their thesis. Copies of questionnaires or surveys used in the research. There is only one introduction at the very beginning of the thesis. You are responsible for understanding what constitutes plagiarism, and for ensuring that you do not commit any act of plagiarism under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to understand what rights you are giving others when you use a Creative Commons License.

The College of Graduate Studies has also created several additional resources to help you format your thesis: A student might wish to request that publication be delayed if any of the following circumstances applies:.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

The student must be sure to remove the original file before uploading the corrected file. Analysis of the research data. Should state the problem, the methods of investigation, and the general conclusions.


Submit thesis forms to CoGS. It is the responsibility of the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies to ensure there are sufficient faculty members, with no conflict of interest, to participate on supervisory committees and as University Examiner and Neutral Chair.


Must be black throughout, except for web links. Include key words in the title to make the thesis more easily retrievable in electronic listings.

Post-Defence Submission

Time is required for completion and submission of a significant manuscript or patent application for a device or idea that might emerge from the thesis research. The style guide determines the format for the following: Use of Colour You can use colour in tables, figures, and illustrations.

Items that are used throughout the thesis do not need page numbers for each entry. There is only one conclusion in the whole ookanagan.

Must not have a chapter number, as it is not a chapter. Whichever method you choose, the numbering style must be the same for both Tables and Figures; for example: Titles may contain diacritics accentsbut not symbols.

Name the file using the following format, all lower case: The dedication is usually quite short, and is a personal rather than academic recognition. Tables in Chapter 1: Including Published Material in a Thesis or Dissertation. This alerts reviewers to the request for publication delay.

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The thesis deals with a potentially dangerous product or process, or potential cure for okanagsn disease, for which more testing time is needed before public release of the information.

Recognize the supervision and advice given by your supervisor and committee members. Quotations of more than one line can be single-spaced.


ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Within the chapter immediately following first reference to them. Critically analyze the relevant literature Use and describe in detail the appropriate methodology for the research undertaken Conduct research and present findings Verify knowledge claims and sources meticulously Locate the work of the thesis and its findings within the broader field or discipline Communicate the research and analysis effectively Information about the scope of a dissertation can be found in our policy manual.


Post-Defence Submission

Lettering in tables and figures should be at least 2 mm high to ensure that the information formahting easy to read. Students must submit their final thesis documentation electronically to gradtheses. You and your supervisor should decide on the form and location of footnotes at an early stage in the writing of the thesis, following a style guide or style of a significant refereed journal in your field.

Ensure that multimedia files are in formats that are accepted by the UBC Library. This must be done before you start your research.

Must be listed in the table of contents.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

The following are appropriate for inclusion in the appendices: Tables and figures must have titles or captions, and must be numbered.