Homework Try electric field hockey Make sure you have finished Q. Red Book Solutions to angular momentum and gravitation Only mechanics that is everything up until today. Watch and make notes on this video about electricity basics. I will ask you to derive the electric field at the center of a curved rod of charge pp.

Have a go at these examples. Problems 5, 7, Introduce energy of charges and electrical potential honors handouts. Quiz on Angular Momentum and Gravitation. Power down your phone! Problems 40, 44,


physicss I need one report to be handed in by each group, which clearly shows the measurements you took, and how you used them to determine the force. Answer questions on P. Questions 3, 5, 7, 9 Problems 19, Just like in class today. For the line of charge, we integrated with respect to theta.

You nomework covered this before, although you would have used Fleming’s left hand rule for the motor effect rather than your palm as this guy does. S closely followed by A. Express this in terms of x and d. Deadline to register is Monday. Read Chapter 22 Sections 6,7 ;hysics are our derivations from today’s class. Homework I forgot to mention Fleming’s right hand rule in the lesson you have done this before anyway – read P.


A2 Physics

Try to do this in 45 minutes. Force from a line of charge on a point charge. Bring these to the lesson tomorrow. Watch and make notes on this video about field strength and potential. Also, you might review the static equilibrium problems. You can skip the boring bits, and also you can stop when he starts talking about Faraday’s law.

physics homework #97

Hand in the questions on Thursday morning. Can you think of any risks associated with the experiment in the first video?

Q enclosed is little q at the center plus the charge in the part of the shell that is also inside the Gaussian sphere. Watch this video about Lenz’s law and use P. Homeworj in the questions on Monday. More on a curved rod of charge. Yes, we will have a midyear exam.


AP Mechanics Mult Choice Read about the oil drop experiment: At the very end of the document are the answers. Cylindrical symmetry EM1 Red book: Past paper answers are here.


physics homework #97

Equipotential Lines and Contour Lines. I will ask you to derive the electric field at the center of a curved rod of charge pp.

Hand in on Monday or whenever you can if you are away. Here is lasseviren on the subject. Looking at the Hhomework board learning objectives for our course, I see that you need to be able to set up and solve the integral for the electric field from. For the curved line, ring and disk, I would like you to be able to solve it start to finish.