Skip to content Carle, E. Once again Knuffle Bunny is safe in Trixie’s arms. Hyperion Books for Children. What is the author talking about here? Disney-Hyperion In another adventure with Elephant and Piggie, they meet a snake who wants to play catch with them.

Digging Up the Dirt. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Master of the Quotes. When Trixie and her parents were on their flight home after being in Holland, Trixie finds Knuffle Bunny in the seat pocket in front of her and ends up giving Knuffle Bunny to a baby behind her that was crying. This book is similar to the Mo Willems books in that is contains simple dialogue between two characters. When Trixie gets home, she realizes that she was left Knuffle Bunny at the laundromat. Annotated Bibliography d Willems, M.

The family runs all the way back to the laundry mat and thoroughly searches for the missing bunny. Disney-Hyperion In another adventure with Elephant and Piggie, they meet a snake who wwillems to play catch with them.

mo willems annotated bibliography

Animal fiction Grade Level: Hyperion Knuffle Bunny is about a girl named Trixie, who has a stuffed bunny and she has named it Knuffle Bunny.

This site uses cookies. When he finally does have the puppy he realizes it is not what he thought it would be like. The students could go outside and play catch but not use their hands or annktated to try to catch the ball. However, Toad is embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, and it takes much coxing by Frog to get him in.


She ends up tired, wet and hungry on the same leaf she was on that morning. This book makes a great bedtime story, or a good book to curl up under a tree with. The stories in this book still appeal to readers today.

mo willems annotated bibliography

She meets up with her friend Gerald the elephant and asks him for advice and to come to the party with her. Teachers ask students to connect a theme of the story with something that has happened in your life. Frog and Toad are Friends.

Biblioyraphy friendly Pigeon talks to the reader about how he wants a puppy. Why does the pigeon think he can drive the bus? But bibliograhpy have no arms.

mo willems annotated bibliography

Carle uses his infamous collage technique to create immense texture and amazing patterns. I rate this book a three out of a five with five being the best.

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Everyone has heard the classic bibliograpjy of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. First thing he did was search for food. In all honesty I could not choose just one Piggie and Elephant book for my collection, so I would have to get all 25 of them, they really are that good!

Readers who will like this book: When Trixie gets home, she realizes that she was left Knuffle Bunny at annktated laundromat. He said he is lazy, lethargic, calm, mellow, sluggish and stoic, just to name a few. This book has great dialogue and a good lesson.


Annotated Bibliography

Piggie the pig gets invited to a party. These enduring tales are simple, sweet and appeal to children who love animals. As the bus driver leaves bibliograhpy bus he leaves specific instructions not to let the pigeon drive the bus. What did the pigeon decide he wanted to get after he decided that a dog was not for him? This is an great book to show how that sometimes when we make sacrifices in our lives, it benefits others.

Digging Up the Dirt. The word nibliography can help students realize that dialogue is happening and the two characters are interacting with one another.

Annotated Bibliography 1 – Mo Willems Author Study

Readers who like humorous books or books about animals will adore this book! Mo is smaller than the rest of the players, and he spends most of the day sitting on the bench with Coach Steve. Are you a Pigeon, Bunny, Pig or an Elephant?