Interestingly, although two-third were aware of patient websites, many would not recommend them to their patients. American Psychiatric Association, Several students commented that OxPal tutors would occasionally assume cultural differences in approaching various pathologies which were in fact not relevant to their teaching. Pubmed Abstract Pubmed Full Text. J Clin Psychiatry ; 70 Suppl.

We have presented above the results from the first year of a novel internet-based teaching programme, connecting clinical tutors based in Oxford University Hospitals with medical students in the West Bank. Medical and surgical cases from the students’ own clinical experiences in Palestine act as the focus. C Usage of different resources for e-learning. In this survey we confirm the widespread use of Internet in professional neurology education. Several interviews were recorded with consent for transcription and later analysis. Building a global health education network for clinical care and research:

Confidentiality and the patient’s rights of access.

Students who had not been involved in the project were interviewed in order to identify ways to improve future participation. Evaluation of the first year indicates teaching is relevant to local practice and of high quality. A series of pilot tutorials were held in March-Aprilprior to launching of the programme.

Discontinuation of use and switching of antidepressants: In the absence of a detectable medication adherence event within 10 minutes of their dose time, patients receive medication prompts i. The functioning and well-being of depressed patients. Students and tutors will alternate in providing cases for discussion; the student learning objectives provided by the AQMS faculty will be used to guide choice of topics.


MedLink MedLink is a behavioral intervention technology 30 digital support system intended to enhance antidepressant treatment processes and outcomes in primary care, targeting the failure points described in Figure 1.

Frontiers | E-learning preferences of European junior neurologists—an EAYNT survey | Neurology

Improving adherence in mood disorders: Demographic and study characteristics were reported as frequencies and percentages for categorical variables and mean and SD for continuous variables. Please review our privacy policy. Methods A field visit to the West Bank in April was conducted to: J Telemed Telecare ; 4 1: Int J Med Inform ; Medication adherence Medication adherence was calculated based on expected dose days.

We aim to offer a variety of modular online courses with clearer learning outcomes, better synchronized with students’ clinical schedules, whilst maintaining a case-based approach.

medlink research paper 2012

The one participant who discontinued reported that she did so due to side effects. Introduction Neurology is a fast advancing discipline in which professional development and paprr patient care are much influenced by information technology.

medlink research paper 2012

This pilot study evaluated the feasibility of a systemic digital intervention MedLink designed to address failure points and improve treatment of depression in primary care among patients during the first eight weeks of initiating a new course of antidepressant therapy. While this study has several limitations, the findings underscore the importance e-learning has gained over recent years.

212 During tutorials, tutors used their own personal computers with microphone facilities activated; students interacted with the case via a text-based reseqrch messaging panel, visible to all participants. Failure points in the process of care contributing to poor outcomes include patient non-adherence to medications, failure of physicians to optimize dose and absence of communication between patients and physicians. A promising avenue to explore is the script concordance test SCTa tool aiming to assess specific elements of clinical reasoning competence.


Information on guideline congruent treatment was softened to recommendations. Attitudes of Palestinian medical students on the geopolitical barriers to accessing hospitals for clinical training: You can login by using one of your existing accounts.

Free audio or video presentations e. Assessing clinical judgment using the Script Concordance test: Participants could access medilnk and feedback at any time. What is your current stage of training? Lessons were viewed an average of As the project expands, more objective and quantifiable methods to measure pa;er reasoning need to be approached. Finally, physician reports suggest that, even if MedLink is successful in improving care processes, workflow issues and potential increase in physician burden, however small, would have to be resolved for this to be acceptable to providers.

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The medllink were generally favorable, ranging from a mean of 5. J Clin Psychiatry ; 67 Suppl. At times, female students were out-sounded by more vocal male members of the group and occasionally lacked the confidence to participate fully in group discussion.