To my friends and surrogate family that is the Painter group. Visit our web page for full details or apply online at m. Lipson, “First-principle derivation of gain in high-index-contrast waveguides”, Opt. More information and software credits. Implications for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Metastasis. Srinivasan, “Polarization properties of dipolelike defect modes in photonic crystal nanocavities,” Optics Letters, v27 5 , pp. Scherer, “Defect modes of a two-dimensional photonic crystal in an optically thin dielectric slab,” Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, v16 2 , pp.

Painter, “Rayleigh scattering, mode coupling, and optical loss in silicon microdisks,” App. Liu, Mike Chia-Chung Integrated microfluidic devices for cell culture and assay. Kang, Min Jeong Three experimental studies of reward and decision making. Li, Xiaobai An experimental and numerical study of normal particle collisions in a viscous liquid. Ls de seneste nyheder online fra danmark Read more.

Wunderlich, Klaus Multiple forms of valuation in the human brain.

jasper caltech thesis

Amir Safavi-Naeini and Oskar Painter, “Design of optomechanical cavities and waveguides on a simultaneous bandgap phononic-photonic crystal slab,” Optics Express, vol. Yorozu, Suzuko Distinct sensory representations of wind and near-field sound in the Drosophila brain. Vahala, “Ultra-low-loss optical delay line on a silicon chip,” Nature Communications, v3, art. Agnew, Heather Dawn Rapid construction of protein capture agents with chemically designed stability and antibody-like recognition properties.

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Painter “Single quantum dot spectroscopy using a fiber taper waveguide near-field optic,” App. Gmachl, “Experimental demonstration of a high-Q photonic crystal microcavity,” App. Painter, “Beyond the Rayleigh scattering limit in high-Q silicon microdisks: We also discuss the numerical simulation efforts involved in designing and optimizing these novel, coupled optical and mechanical resonators, and the fabrication procedure to realize them in silicon microchips.


Cui, Tao Coding for wireless broadcast and network secrecy. In this work, we describe the first optomechanical device and all-optical experimental setup to simultaneously satisfy these conditions, realizing the quantum ground state cooling of a 3.

Golisz, Suzanne Rose Organometallic reaction mechanisms: Crepant resolutions and simple flops.

Jasper Caltech Thesis

Matheny, “Enhanced photon-phonon coupling via dimerization in one-dimensional optomechanical crystals,” App. Lee, Cheng-Chung Chemical synthesis in elastomer-based integrated microfluidics. Ando, Keita Effects of polydispersity in bubbly flows. Behavioral neuroscience; Animal behavior; Behavioral ecology; Experimental biology; genetics; disease model organism; Drosophila; computer vision.

jasper caltech thesis

This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Chan, Arthur Wing Hong Chamber studies and modeling of secondary organic aerosol formation. Matheny, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Since the thdsis of democracy, freedom and equality happen to be the main principles it’s built upon.

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Simon, Jasper Chen Behavioral analysis of exploration and dispersal in Drosophila. Justin Cohen, Sean Meenehan, and Oskar Painter, “Optical coupling to nanoscale optomechanical cavities for near quantum-limited motion transduction,” Optics Express, v21 9May 6, pdf. Chang and Oskar Painter, “Waveguide-mediated interaction of artificial atoms in the strong coupling regime,” arXiv: In chapter three, using methods similar to those used to assess the modulatory effects of mating, I explored how the amount and accessibility of food affects the dispersal of hungry Drosophila.


More information and software credits.

jasper caltech thesis

Shenoi, Sanjay Krishna, Oskar Painter, “Design of plasmonic photonic crystal resonant cavities for polarization sensitive infrared photodetectors”, Optics Express, Vol. You will receive a response back with notification about whether or not you have been thhesis to move forward with screening. Painter, “Characterization of radiation pressure and thermal effects in a nanoscale optomechanical cavity,” Opt.

Capasso “Quantum cascade surface-emitting photonic crystal laser,” Science, vpp. Roh, Chris Hydrodynamics of Insects. Wiest, Aaron Thermoplastic forming and related studies of the supercooled liquid region of metallic glasses. Skip to main content.

Hydrodynamics, Simulation and Rheology. Linardi, Sera Information and motivation in organizations. Capasso, “Lasing mode pattern of a quantum cascade photonic crystal surface-emitting microcavity laser,” App.