Het voorwaarts economisch belang van de Rotterdamse haven in Europees perspectief, Nederlands Economisch Instituut, Rotterdam. Antwerpen, uw Europese breakbulk hub. In the period yearly total cargo growth was 1,7 percent figure 4. That is exactly why more and more companies have chosen. The principle is that parties deliver their information only once.

An overview of new container terminal developments in Northern Europe Beating congestion by building capacity: Advertisement campaign port of Rotterdam early s Source: Containerisation International, February The vision that container operations are being restricted to only one mainport within Europe has never been true. Norwegian ports work closely with authorities and shipping companies More information. Leading in the development of multimodal chain management Overseas Logistics Multimodal Inland Locations Supply Chain Solutions Advanced logistics for a smaller world When it comes to the optimal management. Port of Rotterdam Based on the number of containers transhipped, Rotterdam is the main container port within Europe figure 1 with more than six million containers TEU transhipped. The perspective of a port-network combined with the policy perspective based on the mainport as part of international and global industrial networks should be the starting point of a new strategy.

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE MARITIME MAINPORT. Bart Kuipers TNO Inro, Delft, the Netherlands

ECT; a short introduction 2. Also, most European ports are able to handle the largest ships at the moment see figure 3 ; the competitive advantage of Rotterdam as a container port kupiers to its nautical accessibility should be placed in perspective.

Why infrastructure is so important Maersk in Brazil Brazil is a key growth market for Maersk.

Contakner Europe, the largest ports show a smaller growth and are showing diseconomies of scale. Resources and Specifications DCT facts and figures: His PhD thesis addressed the issue of flexibility in the seaport-based industry, with a focus on the chemical industry.


bart kuipers essay container

The establishment of port networks also has the potential for specialisation between ports and for fine-tuning related kuiperx specific customer demand. Spatial analysis and planning strategies, Oxford etc.: Ton van Essen or or Do shipowners. Transport Department of Public. They also face tough competition from smaller ports located in the neighbourhood, Singapore for instance from Tanjung Pelepas Malaysia and Honk Kong from ports in Southern China Shenzhen in particular Containerisation International EU Transport Policy Analysis: Ports and Maritime Trade Dr.

bart kuipers essay container

Rotterdam is too expensive, port costs are high, container productivity is low, customs operations result in delays and container scheduling problems, the port is too much focussed on deep-sea operations instead of inland and feeder operations, labour costs are too high and labour is not flexible enough, the port is arrogant to customers instead of customer oriented, the port misses important market chances related to e-commerce. Groenveld Rink Year of birth: The development towards dedicated terminals within the port of Rotterdam is an important step towards this approach.

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE MARITIME MAINPORT. Bart Kuipers TNO Inro, Delft, the Netherlands – PDF

Usually the added value and employment figures related to the port complex including backward and forward linkages are calculated kjipers high as possible. The joint costs of sending a number of containers for instance from Japan to Portugal via mainport Rotterdam a trip consisting of a deep-sea container voyage, a container terminal transhipment process and a short-sea container voyage are lower than stopping the container vessel at a container port in Portugal.

Port of Rotterdam Based on this analysis the declining market share of mainport s is striking. Improving the service-factor of the port also will be of prime importance to the functioning of the port as part of the Dutch economy: Do not remove this if sending to. Like the first development, this is a rather structural effect.


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bart kuipers essay container

Kupiers Shaw Deputy Director General: This Distribution country was based on five important ingredients. This is the function of the mainport for the users of maritime transport services, like production companies or European Distribution Centres. Research done by A.

The Dutch minister of Transport expressed her doubts on the quality of Rotterdam port management related to declining transhipment volumes and market share in public Nieuwsblad Transport, December 11, If smaller ports will grow because of direct calls by container lines instead of using the mainport, the advantage mainports offer in terms of low costs and variety of services containef not be offset by the advantage of a direct call.

Added value, efficiency and productivity in intermodal transport systems Rethinking port services: Leading in the development of esay chain management Overseas Logistics Multimodal Inland Locations Supply Chain Solutions Advanced logistics for a smaller world When it comes to the optimal management.

Containerisation International, MayBredius P. Fourth, on the large barr share and high professional standards of the Dutch transport and logistics industry. This means a shift from hardware to software. An innovative logistic concept 1 Container Transferium Rotterdam: