I’m always pinning helpful ideas! Transkript Das interaktive Transkript konnte nicht geladen werden. You can unsubscribe at any time. We glance at the clipboard and if papers are clipped to it, we immediately know that child has SOMETHING they need to work on — eve if it’s a spelling list or a book report that isn’t due for a few weeks. I’m really loving the bright colors on the rainbow colored paper calendars that were included in this pin that I saved! Plus, as much as I love a great dry-erase board, you don’t have to worry about anything you write down accidentally being erased. I invite brands to contact me directly for image-use terms.

You know I love the color and pattern. It’s a good mix of supplies cart AND use of calendar. So there you go! Need to remember to assemble one when kids start school-maybe make one now. Plus, the table could also double up as your homework station too. Hanging wall file organizers are also really helpful. Sure, there was the kitchen counter, and a formal dining room with a table.

We have tools in one, junk drawer items in one, batteries in another, and desk items in the last one.

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733bog It’s a great staton to hang one in your homework station to keep track of homework projects, upcoming tests, homework assignments, and all other important dates. These bell jars get ot of use around the holidays so I was eager to unpack them. A quiet, undisturbed, and dedicated location for studying will help kids focus on homework. Reply Janet says February 28, at 5: Currently, I have drawers located right next to the desk, but we still end up with crayons and colored pencils all over the floor, along with loose papers—and our drawers throughout the house where I would normally homeworl for these supplies are all close to empty.


We added some navy blue cabinets, a sturdy quartz counter top, lots of drawers and cubby space, and a MILLION power outlets under the desk. Need to remember to assemble one when kids start school-maybe make one now.

Then assign each compartment in the caddy for a specific homework supply like crayons, scissors, glue, pencils, etc.

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Clipboards are such a good way to easily display important papers your kids may bring home from school, and have really helped us stay on top of due dates and deadlines. I feel the same about yours! The artwork is from Minted too.

Which is always a huge plus! I have one big container for coloring things, and another for plain pencils.

733blog homework station

Usually the caddies from the dollar store only have two compartments. When we first bought our house 2 years ago, one of the first things I noticed what that there wasn’t a good gathering place for the kids. You have a retalent. This would homeworkk a great thing to keep on your clipboards as you help your kids prepare for the first day of school!

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I recommend keeping common homework and art supplies within arm’s reach of your homework gomework so there is NO excuse for them to not do their math! Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your emddress will not be published.

733blog homework station

Here are some additional ideas I grabbed from Pinterest psst be sure to follow me on there! I firmly believe that homework stations can be grossly overcomplicated and intimidating!


I want to be one of your kids! This sleek sttaion beauty makes the entire space feel up to date and oh so chic. The biggest lower drawers are filing drawers that we use to store printer paper, coloring books, construction paper, card stock, notebooks, and other paper items.

1000+ ideas about homework station on pinterest | kids homework.

I love how they put cork boards above each one! This is where homewoork keep all their homework assignments, calendars, birthday invitations, or whatever else needs our attention and pertains to that child.

Otherwise art supplies and glitter clue are constantly stacked and scattered all throughout the my house. How do you do it?

This plate rack caddy is also a great way to organize school supplies. Transkript Das interaktive Transkript konnte nicht geladen werden.

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I love these ideas, two of my kids are teens so their rooms are their homework spaces. Wherever homwork get them, definitely jump on-board the clipboard bandwagon! I decided to set up a homework station for my kids this school year in hopes.

And I should know, I used to be the queen of doing it.