Homework and notes check on Monday; review on Monday…test next week!!! Reg gon…measure of 1 interior angle. The test is Friday!!! Compare answers around the room to the worksheet. All test corrections are due next week nothing late will be accepted ; Mid-term exam will be next week no test corrections on that either! Went over the formulas for the SA and V of a special square pyramid equilateral triangle lateral faces ; Moved into the famous sticky note and file cabinet problem. No new homework for Labor Day Weekend!

We also looked at the two explorations on page Collected and analyzed data on four triangles to discover relationships between the ratios of sides…. Triangle congruency test; ALL test corrections are due no later than Thursday. Time to compare; time to ask about 21; Basic review of comp angles, supp angles, vertical angles, and linear pair; Asked about those who wanted flashcards; Time to work: In this work A.

Used geogebra to investigate the theorems in section 7.

5 8 Homework 30 60 90 Triangles Answers

Time to take notes for and …there is a lot of vocab for circles! Look at all the special relationships when a transversal cuts through two lines. Hartman went over different perspectives of reflections perp.


Unit 4 Right Triangle. Hartman was gone for an appointment.

Went over 16 and 18 of section 9. Activity to assess understanding of circles and tangents followed 10 steps trriangles Dr. Geogebra activity on the chromebooks to make sense of the theorems in section 3. TRY to figure out 22 on 9. Went over the area worksheet right away.

5 8 Homework 30 60 90 Triangles Answers

Primarily used the pythagorean theorem to show the formula in the book! Turned in project; quiz The sheet will references two feromax proofs: Also, many have not homfwork in their test corrections!!!

Also work on pg. Partners talked through Penny the penguin S. Basics of notes for translation, isometry, pre-image, etc… all from section 9.

Right Triangles ( Read ) | Geometry | CK Foundation

Review for the test!! The other proofs are from the book.

Deadline for all test corrections is next Thursday! Answered questions on homework; time to work on 6. Hartman talked more about his goals for students and his rules: Discovery with a transversal passing through parallel lines. Harder warm up problems…save for later! Cleaned up the triangle inequality theorem; Lot homweork time to work: Cleaned up the chapter.


We will go over questions on the 1.

5-8 homework 30-60-90 triangles answer key

Graded quizzes together; Went over the motion activity; Addressed what to review for the exam. Here comes the Boom talk x2 ; time for students to compare and turn in the 1. Moved on to 9.

5-8 homework 30-60-90 triangles answer key

Talked to students about using the Khan Academy as a resource. Finish notes for 4. Hartman worked with individual groups to gauge their understanding. Vikings Care 1; Flashback Friday tringles do pg.

Answer questions on the homework; homework check and notes check ; Time to work on test corrections; Begin to take notes on section 2.