Likewise, a major concern of terrorism raised by India, Afghanistan and Nepal was left ignored. They committed to enhance the institutional capacity of the SAARC Secretariat, in keeping with emerging realities, to enable it to fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to it, in an effective and efficient manner. They directed respective authorities to ensure full and effective implementation of the SAARC Regional Convention on Suppression of Terrorism and its Additional Protocol, including through enacting necessary legislations at the national level to root out terrorism. Provide your details and they allow you to become a member. Waking up each day to new possibilities? You can also suggest a future Readers Write topic.

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Even if these two agreements are signed then and boost regional connectivity in one of the poorest connected region in the world, the whole process has been delayed for two years. The Leaders welcomed the progress with regard to the South Asian University.

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Sub-regional cooperation in South Asia will encourage India’s international trade and strengthen South Asian position as a regional trade center.


Declaration of 18th SAARC Summit

Communication is important for solving bilateral issues and promoting integrity among nations. In this context, they agreed on the need for cooperation and collaboration within SAARC on issues of common interest and concern to Member States.

In this way, the platform has failed to resolve existing bilateral issues. At present, India can be considered as the most developed country in the South Asian region.

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), SAARC Countries

They agreed to take effective measures to combat illicit trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances, arms smuggling, money laundering, counterfeit currency and other transnational crimes.

But the next day things have changed when the two Prime Ministers met privately at the retreat session which led to Pakistan agreeing one out of three proposed agreements and they also met and shook essat publicly during the closing ceremony and this ‘transient peace’ in the relation was believed to brokered by the Nepalese side as a face-saving measure for the Saxrc summit. Directed SAFTA Ministerial Council and SAFTA Committee of Experts to accelerate free trade in goods and services in the region putting into operation simplified and transparent rules of origin; zaarc of trade facilitation measures; harmonization of standards relating to Technical Barriers to Trade TBT and sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures; harmonized, streamlined and simplified customs procedures; elimination of non-tariff and para-tariff barriers; and smooth and efficient transit and transport facilities.

SAARC was established with the objective of promoting development through mutual cooperation and assistance.

SAARC in that sense may always remain an underperformer. Pakistan, China’s all weather friend, also vouched for a more participatory role for the observer nations in the summit process, indirectly advocating for a more Chinese involvement.

The reasons for the aforesaid fact can be attributed to many reasons.

Provide your details and they allow you to become a member. The moot essya is why the regional grouping has failed to takeoff despite three decades of existence. The split of these limitations has increased in the struggle for the use of any particular resource in member countries.


Johns Hopkins had applications for 5 spots.

Outcome of 18th SAARC summit

The Leaders directed rationalization of the work of the SAARC mechanisms, which could be reviewed inter-governmentally every three years by a regular session of the Standing Committee with a view to evaluate performance, achievements and constraints.

The Leaders agreed to enhance the role of the Secretaria, commensurate with the objectives of SAARC, its areas of cooperation wummit well as the decisions and agreements reached in the past.

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Ashraf Ghani President of Afghanistan. They directed the relevant authorities to take effective measures for preventing the trafficking in women and children and their exploitation.

18 saarc summit essay

They directed relevant bodies to effectively implement SAARC Action Plan on Tourism particularly through initiating appropriate public-private collaboration. They feel that small countries are being sidelined in this process. Waking up each day to new possibilities?

There is a mutual bilateral struggle in member countries which is a major obstacle to the development of SAARC.

For instance, it did set the target of forming a regional economic community in the coming 15 years like it has talked about removing poverty, fighting terrorism, and enhanced connectivity. Sushil Koirala Prime Minister of Nepal. They reaffirmed that SIDS would require special attention in view of their unique circumstances and particular vulnerabilities in realization of sustainable development.